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Tulsa REIA Mission Statement

The Tulsa Real Estate Investor Association was formed to provide a place for Tulsa area real estate investors to meet, network and learn more about the ethical practice of real estate investing in Oklahoma, through discussion, monthly meetings, and special events where members can become better trained and more profitable real estate investors.

How Can Tulsa REIA Help You?

  • Learn how to become financially independent through Real Estate
  • Learn how to maximize your profits in the affordable housing rental market
  • Discover how to protect your wealth once you attain it!
  • Explore the many possibilities that Real Estate Investing offers when it comes to tax strategies that will make you wealthy.
  • OPM - Learn how to use Other People's Money to accumulate a fortune over time.
  • Avoid the many pitfalls that typical "landlords" fall into when they don't have the - knowledge to profit from opportunities disguised as problems.
  • Take advantage of other's mistakes to smooth your course and move towards greater wealth.

So what if I don't have any investing experience?

Not a problem. As many of Tulsa REIA members are new to real estate investing, no doubt you will discover that other members share your interest and desire to learn how to become a successful real estate investor. To meet your needs, Tulsa REIA offers a diverse schedule of events tailored to the educational needs of a beginning investor. Also, you will find out the experienced investors are eager to offer advice and insight to further assist you on the road to success.

What do I do next?

Join Tulsa REIA to get the most benefit from our club and learn the best ways to invest in Oklahoma Real Estate. Networking with other Local Real Estate Investors and Professionals is key to building a real estate investing business.

Tulsa REIA Premium Membership $189

For more info about our events including Meetings, Luncheons, and Special Training Sessions and Bootcamps, Click Here

We also offer training through home study courses, live seminars, coaching, and mentoring. Check out the Tulsa REIA University page for more details. Click Here!

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