History of the Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association

In the beginning, the Tulsa area real estate investor club consisted of only one monthly meeting at a restaurant. The group had less than 10 members, mainly because it was hard to find out about "REI clubs" in general (before the internet was so popular). The Tulsa group consisted of members who talked about real estate investing in general, sharing ideas and problems.

Jason Windholz moved back to Oklahoma in 2001 and as a member of the Dallas AIREO (Association of Independent Real Estate Owners) group, he found and joined the only group meeting of real estate investors in Tulsa. Because of his experience and the number of deals he completed, Jason was elected President of that club in 2002. He also helped start the first Oklahoma City REI club with Scott Evans.

In 2003 there were problems getting help and support to run both chapters so Jason and Scott formed 2 separate clubs: Tulsa REIA and OKC REIA. In 2004 Tulsa REIA was formed has been ongoing ever since.

Jason also joined the National REIA in 2002 and Tulsa REIA is an active Member still to this day.

In 2010 Tulsa REIA was registered with the state of Oklahoma as Tulsa REIA LLC.

In 2015 Tulsa REIA LLC changed its name to Pro Member Network LLC and registered the tradenames Tulsa REIA and Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association.

More about Jason Windholz, President of Tulsa REIA

Jason Windholz bought his first home in Cleveland Oklahoma at the age of 20 and sold it when he was 21, moved to Texas and used the $5000 profit to buy his second home when he was 22. He started studying a Real Estate Investing course by Carleton Sheets and bought his first Investment Property at the age of 23.

"I had seen the Carlton Sheets TV Infomercials for a few years and was interested in getting it but I never had the extra money. When my wife got pregnant with our first child and had to quit her job, she asked for the course for a Christmas Present in 1995. At the time I was driving an hour and a half just to get to work in Dallas and then and another hour and a half to get home. That was 3 hours of listening to real estate tapes every day. I had the course memorized within a couple of months and was ready to start but just couldn't make the first move. It took until September of 1996 to buy my first property and it took me about that long to find the Dallas real estate investing club (before the internet). It took 9 months to buy my first investment property but I bought 3 more in the next 3 months thanks mainly to joining the Dallas club and getting my questions answered that were holding me back, as well as meeting other Dallas Real Estate Investors local contacts. I was able to buy 8 properties my second year, 15 my third year, kept growing to own over a million dollars in Real Estate in 4 years." Jason said.

Jason went on to become the President of Northeastern Properties and Mortgage, Inc. and a Realtor with Century 21 Lonestar . "The only reason I became a Realtor was to get access to the MLS and to list properties from sellers that were not motivated enough for me to buy their home. I also became a mortgage broker to finance my buyers and was still a real estate investor the whole time. I mainly did rehab properties where I had to do the work myself and lease options which I later turned into "Subject To" Deals. I then dropped the mortgage broker activity and owner financed my deals in order to sell the notes." said Jason.

In 2001 Jason moved back to Oklahoma. His real estate license transferred to Oklahoma and he joined the local Tulsa club which was very small at the time. Jason said "There were 8 people at my first Tulsa Meeting including myself and my cousin." Jason was elected President of the club in 2002 to grow it and emulate the Dallas version.

Jason's real estate investing activities:

1996/Present Private Real Estate Investor and Manager for several holding companies (LLCs and Corporations)


2000 Realtor with Century 21 Lonestar in Garland Texas as a new agent to access the MLS. (No transfer tax in Texas made getting comps very hard)
2001 Realtor with Paula and Company Realtors in Cleveland Oklahoma as a new agent close to home in Oklahoma
2002 Realtor with Realty Network, Tulsa Oklahoma ($250 Monthly Flat fee and $250 per transaction to receive 100% of the commission from the broker)
2003 Realtor with Seller Assist Realty to help promote the Flat Fee Listing Program for home owners selling by owner
2004 Retired from being a Realtor to focus on the Investing side

Real Estate Investing Clubs

1997/2001 Member of Dallas AIREO club (Association of Independent Real Estate Owners)

2001/2003 Member of Vision Investment Properties Real Estate Investing Group

2002/2003 President of Vision Investment Properties Real Estate Investing Group

2004/Present President of Tulsa REIA

He also had several personal issues to deal with throughout 2005-2008 including getting divorced and 2 major medical issues. "My first life flight in 2006 was when I was in a car wreck and shattered my thigh bone. I was cut out of my truck and received a titanium rod in my femur and a medical card to get through airport security! That had me in a walker and crutches for half a year. My second life flight in 2008 was when I was hit in the back of my head hard enough to crack my skull and need immediate brain surgery. I was on a breathing machine, life support, and put in a medically induced coma for about a week and spent 3 weeks in ICU which took about a year to fully recover. Now I have titanium plates in the back of my head. During those times I kept  Tulsa REIA going but put my real estate investing on hold from 2004-2008 but I am back to normal and started active investing again in 2009." said Jason.

To this day, Jason invests in single family homes, mobile homes, and commercial property, educates others to do it themselves, and is an active member in the Real Estate Investor community. He has also gathered other local professional real estate investors to participate on the board of directors so that all Oklahoma real estate investors have a professional trade association for help and guidance in the right direction. Jason has also been published in Community Investor Magazine and Interviewed in the second book of the Savvy Landlord Series.

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