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A Better Way to Real Estate Wealth

Most real estate investors think the way to riches in real estate is to buy a property, fix it up, sell it, and cash the big fat check then do it again. Do it again?  Start all over and do it again?  That sounds like WORK to me.  Doesn’t it to you?  That’s not what …

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The New Real Estate Bubble

by Louis ‘Lou’ Brown The economy couldn’t be better for some people. Why? It’s because they are in a position to profit from the implosion of prices today. The discounts over value today haven’t been this good since the 1980s. For some it’s even better than that. Think about it. Low interest rates. High seller …

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How to Find Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

In 1996 when I started investing in mobile homes I discovered that there were mobile homes all over the place. Many of these were in parks that I had driven by 100 times before but I never noticed them because they were tucked behind a grocery store or on a side street with a lot …

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Why Mobile Homes & Low Income Houses Make Massive Cash Flow

The principles of creating a long-term, on-going cash flow can be applied to most kinds of real estate investments. Mobile home lots, apartments, garage/storage units, and houses all make excellent income producing assets. Houses, in particular, low-end houses, make an excellent vehicle for creating long-term profit-streams for a multitude of reasons. First, houses are abundant. …

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Tulsa Housing 101 – Free Class by the Tulsa Health Dept.

The Tulsa Health Department is holding a half day class on Housing 101. You can find out more about the class and register with THD to reserve your spot on our event page by clicking here! This is a great class for Landlords and an extra bonus is that Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma will …

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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!

We have all heard the many sayings like “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure” or “Dumpster Diving” or “Landlords are Cheapskates” and  many more. No one wants to admit it, but hey, when you have rental property or commercial property in the low income part of town, new is not always best. We have …

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Sliding Door Leaking, Busted, Replaced

On one of the rental properties we have, the back door, which was a sliding glass door, had been broken and sealed shut with caulking. The glass was a dual pane window so one pane was broken and one pane of glass was still in place. I guess it no longer slided to open and …

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AC Not Cooling Down Because of the Ductwork

There are many reasons that an AC will stop cooling and some things can be fixed by a handyman and some items need a HVAC Service Technician. I received a call from a tenant and it ended up being an AC problem that I could fix myself. The complaint was that a couple of rooms …

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Listen For The Tone by Jay Conner

When I began my career as a real estate investor, I had a huge problem. I was only doing it part-time. I still had a “real” job. So, when I put my classified real estate ads in the newspaper, with my cell phone number listed for contact information, I wasn’t able to answer most of …

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Set Your House Buying on Automatic by Jay Conner

It was 10 p.m. on a dark, February night when I finally made the decision to automate my business. On that day three years ago, my wife and I were working at the kitchen table. Carol Joy was writing checks out for our business and when I looked up at her, I saw tears just …

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