Tulsa REIA acquires MyBusinessOnlineTools.com

All business owners need an online presence. At the very least, a small website for your business so that you have a storefront on the internet.

My Business Online Tools offer domain names, website hosting, professional email plans, website security and SSL certificates, website builders for everyday people to use, wordpress hosting, email marketing, and FAX thru email.

Our servers will host your website and have a Guaranteed Uptime of 99.9%. Our industry leading performance and load times are back with US Based support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Not only do you get a quality service at an affordable price, we also have planned Training Sessions to help you get your business online.

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Facebook Login Added

Many people are already on facebook and now you can connect TulsaREIA so you don't have to log in or register with Tulsa REIA itself.
If you don't use facebook or don't want to connect with your facebook, you can always register and login directly with TulsaReia.com

Server Issue but Back Online!

We did an update counting on our automated backups and they failed. We had to run a 7 month old site for about 5 days, then we were able to retrieve our data from the old server and the most we have lost was about 1-2 weeks. If you can't login and you registered in the last part of June 2017 through July 3, 2017, please re-register. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

New Location For Meetings!!

We NO LONGER Meet at the TulsaMeetingRoom at Fontana.

Our NEW Temporary Location for our Main Meetings is the:

Rec. room (HWY 169 & Admiral)
St Marks United Methodist Church
10513 e admiral pl
Tulsa OK 74116

Stay Tuned For More Details!

Tulsa market is on fire!

Update: People who plan to live in houses are paying to dollar and even above the listing prices. Don't overpay as an investor just to buy an investment. There are still deals out there that and our Members are buying some great properties. Houses still need repairs that normal people can't look past and some sellers have financial problems that investors can solve to get deals.
Remember: Keep marketing for deals and most important: Make Offers!

The New Year is Here!

Its back! Now you can invite a guest or any first time visitor to our Tulsa REIA Main Meeting and they can check us out for FREE!

All Events and our changes can be seen on our events page and the Google Calendar at www.tulsareia.com/events

If you have an android phone or use google calendar you can add the events from Tulsa REIA google calendar to your google calendar!


The TulsaMeetingRoom.com has had some major improvements since the last time you were there! The girls room (restroom) has a new floor and a new toilet and a nice pedestal sink!! The existing Family Restroom that is handicap accessible is getting a new floor and paint this week. The mens room (restroom) is still undergoing remodeling and should be ready by February.

Our Weekly TRAINING SESSIONS are moving to TUESDAY Nights to Avoid Confusion with our Main Meetings. Training Sessions are $49 per 2 hour session at the TulsaMeetingRoom.com, 4910 S 79th E Ave, Tulsa OK 74145.

Some classes take multiple sessions because the training for that topic can’t fit in a 2 hour session.

For brand New Investors or those who are thinking about becoming an investor, we hold a monthly FREE Seminar on the basics of getting started as a Real Estate Investor. These are held on the first Saturday of the Month from 9:30am –  1:30am at the TulsaMeetingRoom.com 4910 S 79th E Ave, Tulsa OK 74145

Our Brainstorming Luncheons have moved to the First Saturday of the month from Noon to 1pm AND ARE NOW HELD at the TulsaMeetingRoom.com 4910 S 79th E Ave, Tulsa OK 74145. The cost for the Brainstorming Luncheon is $15 and covers the cost of lunch. Some accountants won’t deduct the full cost of lunch at a restaurant but they will deduct the full cost of dues paid to an Association.

Meetings That REMAIN THE SAME:

Our MAIN Meeting REMAINS on the SECOND Thursday of the month from 7pm-9pm (doors open at 6:30 and 6:45 Orientation) at the  TulsaMeetingRoom.com 4910 S 79th E Ave, Tulsa OK 74145. First Time
Guests are free and the $20 Dues for regular members remains the same.  Premium Membership remains $189 per year but now has a “financed option” for $54 per quarter (3 months) and is billed automatically.

Landlord Luncheons are still at the Village Inn (Harvard and 27th) on the THIRD Thursday of the Month. The cost for the Landlord Luncheon is still the cost of your food at the Village Inn.

If you don't get text message updates & reminders, be sure and sign up by sending a text message to phone number short code: 95577

The message you send is: tulsareia

Make sure tulsareia is all one word, no spaces and the phone number you send the message to is: 95577

Happy Holiday’s!

Last night's training class has wrapped up the year for Tulsa REIA live events. Enjoy the Holiday's and we are ready to kick off another great year in 2017!

3 More Weeks of REIA in 2016

We are about to wrap up the the year of 2016. December is just a few days away and then the Holidays will kick in. We have 3 weeks left for REIA activities in 2016.

  • December 1 2016, Brainstorming Luncheon (last time on Thursday and at Village Inn) from Noon - 1pm at Village Inn on Harvard and 27th Street, Cost: Buy Your Own Lunch.
  • December 8, 2016 Holiday Party Main Meeting from 7pm-9pm at the TulsaMeetingRoom.com (51st and Memorial), Cost: $20 per family (Spouse Included)
  • December 15 2016, Landlords Luncheon from Noon - 1pm at Village Inn on Harvard and 27th Street. Cost: Buy Your Own Lunch.
  • December 15 2016, Subject To Training Session from 7pm-9pm at the TulsaMeetingRoom.com (51st and Memorial), Cost: $49 per person (Spouse Half Price)