Real Estate Investors

If you are already a Real Estate Investor then you have found the right place for Oklahoma Real Estate Investors.  Networking with our members can help all of the investors involved. Be sure and check out our meeting events and resources for members.

If you are a newer real estate investor we also offer training and educational services without taking your life savings.

There are 2 main types of real estate investors: Active and Passive. Active investors take action buying and selling real estate hands on. Passive investors use their money to invest in real estate without taking any action or participation on their own part themselves. Once you decide on being an active or passive investor, the next step is determining what category of real estate investing you want to be in.

Passive Investors

For a passive investor you mainly decide if you want to be in commercial or residential real estate and if you want short term or long term investments. All real estate may appear long term or longer term when compared to the stock market but to separate the difference for real estate investing, short term is less than a year and long term is more than a year. Learn more about how Tulsa REIA can help and benefit Passive Real Estate Investors. Click Here for more info

Active Investors

For active investors there are more decisions to make starting off with deciding if you want to invest in residential or commercial real estate. With residential investments there is the choice of single family houses or multi family homes, and then there are many more choices on techniques. Because of the complexity of commercial real estate, especially on the active investing side, its best for new investors to start out on the residential side with single family homes. After you get that down and you want more of a challenge, you can move into multi family and commercial real estate. Active Real Estate Investors: Click Here for more info

Are You a Landlord?

Rental Property, the greatest wealth creation in Real Estate Investing. This is a long term approach and can generate cashflow while building a large retirement plan (when the homes are paid off, and produce rental income without a mortgage to pay). Visit our Landlord Page for more info, Click Here.

Are You New to Investing, OR Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?

Are you a brand new Real Estate Investor? or are you just interested in becoming a Real Estate Investor? Maybe you are just interested in learning more about real estate investing. Tulsa REIA is a great place for people to get information that want and need to know about real estate investing in Oklahoma. Click Here for more info on getting started in real estate investing

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