Active Investors

This is the most common type of Real Estate Investor, someone who takes action and is active in buying, selling, and renting homes. You can use your own money or other peoples money to invest in real estate but when you are out in the trenches and using the hands on approach you are an active real estate investor.

Now this doesn't mean you have to do all the work (manual labor) yourself. Active investors can actively invest in real estate without a hammer or plunger. Although many investors do a lot of the handyman and repair work themselves, you can still be an active investor with no power tools. The active role can be taking action and finding deals, negotiating them, hiring the professionals and contractors, and dealing with sellers, buyers, and tenants.

Real estate investing on the residential side is a people business. We get deals on properties by solving problems that sellers have. You need to feel comfortable being around and talking to other people. If you don't have the comfort level to deal with many people, don't worry, all it takes is practice. Participate in as many real estate investing events as possible to meet and network with other real estate investors. Talk to as many sellers and buyers as you can, if you mess up at first, think of each conversation as training sessions until you get it down. Eventually you will be comfortable talking to investors, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals. Just like everything else in life: "Practice makes perfect".

Most of the Tulsa REIA events are geared for active real estate investors. By getting to know the other local real estate investors and staying up to date on the real estate market and the laws and cycles you will have a better chance of succeeding in real estate investing.

Come Network at our Events, we hold brainstorming luncheons and Main Meetings! Check out our list of Upcoming Presentations for each main meeting and special training events.

Tulsa REIA Meetings
Tulsa Real Estate Investor Meetings

We also have a page just for training materials available, click here for the Training Page


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