Buying and holding real estate for the long term is the best way to build wealth in real estate. Tulsa REIA has a sister group called the Oklahoma Landlords Association and it is a group for just landlords. There are monthly landlord luncheons on the third Thursdays from noon to 1pm for landlords to meet, network ask and answer questions from other landlords. Many of the Tulsa REIA events are also geared for landlords. Check out all the resources for landlords at the following link:

Our Board Members use Rentec or Buildium for managing our rental properties. They contain all the tools you need, including managing rent payments, repairs, a website for your rentals, screening with credit reports and background checks, and more. It is based online so you don't have to worry about which computer you are on to manage your rentals (work, home, desktop, laptop, etc...).

Rentec offers a free account for up to 5 rentals. Visit Rentec Direct for more info

You can check out Buildium with a free trial by clicking on the link below.

online property management software
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