New to Investing?

If you are a brand new real estate investor or if you are interested in becoming a real estate investor then you have found a great place to start. The Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association is to help other RE Investors succeed in Oklahoma.

Most of the members of Tulsa REIA are residential real estate investors who pick houses although some get into duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and small apartments. If you deal with more than one living unit you are probably in the landlord category and into holding long term rental properties.

What to Do?

Single family homes are the most common place to start and you can be a landlord: buy and hold, or a wholesaler: find deals for money, rehabber: buy, fix, and resale for a profit, or creative problem solvers buying homes in different situations and problems making money by solving the problems.

You need to pick one category or technique to start with. If you try to learn them all up front you will be nothing more than a full time student. There are many techniques to choose from such as landlord, rehab, wholesale, owner financing, lease options, subject to, short sales, etc... Once you pick one to start with learn as much as you can on that topic and only that topic. After you do a few deals you can then learn a second topic, do deals, a third topic, deals, learning, deals, learning, and so on.

Don't get overwhelmed by all this at once, you can check out our association of local investors and then the next best thing to do do is take action. You can learn a lot just by reading books and home study courses but in order to get to the next level of investor faster you should come out and meet, network, and learn from other local real estate investors in person.

Need Training?

Tulsa REIA has teamed up to offer some of the best training available for Residential Real Estate Investors, and unlike a few of the bigshot Guru's, we don't want your life's savings in exchange for training to be a Real Estate Investor.  Classes start out at $49 and Home Study Courses start out at $299. Plus you are trained by people who live and who invest in Oklahoma. Learn what works in Oklahoma by the local Pros who do this business every day.

More details are at our Training Page

We also have a training package just for new people who want to become Real Estate Investors in Oklahoma which includes the basics, wholesaling, and how to use Oklahoma contracts. Click Here To Get Started

Benefits of Tulsa REIA

Tulsa REIA offers many events, meetings, and luncheons to get to know other real estate investing professionals. Our main meetings are open to everyone and on the second Thursdays of the month from 7pm-9pm are the most informative meetings we hold. On the First and Third Thursdays we hold brainstorming and Landlord luncheons which are smaller and less formal meetings.

We offer training, coaching, and mentoring for people who want to become experts in Residential Real Estate Investing. We hold live training events like special topic workshops from just getting started to advanced techniques, and bus trips in Tulsa to learn how real estate investing works in Oklahoma and to help you build a successful real estate business. Check out our Training page for more details on what's available, Click Here!

First Timers to Tulsa REIA Main Meetings

If you have never been to our Main Meetings then come early! The doors open at 6:30pm and our New Member Orientation begins at 6:45pm. During the orientation we will go over the details of our club and the benefits it offer for real estate investors. There is no obligation to join our group. You will get some good information including a First Timers Welcome Package along with a Questions and Answers session.

Joining Tulsa REIA Can Really Jump Start Your Real Estate Career!

If you are a Real Estate Investor then joining a Real Estate Association is a smart move. In fact, many of the Gurus recommend that their students join a local real estate investors association. When it comes to Tulsa, Tulsa REIA is the Club to Join. We are a Tulsa Oklahoma Association consisting of Real Estate Investors who realize that being around other people in our business helps us all to become better investors. Networking with other Investors and Learning from our educational meetings can take You to the Next Level!

More Info On Joining Tulsa REIA

Info for FIRST Time Visitors to

The first step to joining Tulsa REIA is to register with our website. We keep your information private and DO NOT sell your info. Benefits of registering with our site are:

  • Access to Registered User's Section which contains Real Estate Tools including an Oklahoma Sales Contract
  • 8 FREE Ebooks including Napoleon Hill's best seller "Think and Grow Rich"
  • Ability to Ask Questions & Participate in Group Discussions
  • Ability to Post Properties For Sale in our Flipper Classifieds
  • Access a Mortgage Calculator to determine monthly payments, interest, and years of loan

Click Here To Register

Meeting Reminders: Now via Text Message, IM, and Email Click Here to Receive Our Meeting Reminders or for a short cut to receive Text Message Reminders you can Text: tulsareia to 95577 (make sure tulsareia is all one word)

Our Monthly Newsletters are through a different service, If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter click here.

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