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Oklahoma Real Estate Radio - A weekly Talk Radio Show for Real Estate Investors.

Oklahoma Real Estate Radio

Listen to ideas, thoughts, and strategies, for investing in Oklahoma Residential Real Estate with the President of the Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association and other Real Estate Investing Professionals.

The Oklahoma Landlords Association (OLA) is a division of  the Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association and offers benefits to Landlords all over the state of Oklahoma. OLA Membership is included with Tulsa REIA Annual Membership but it can be purchased by itself for less for people outside of Tulsa who want the same benefits for Landlords. You can visit the site directly at

oklahoma deadbeatsMembers of the Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association have requested a way to warn each other about Deadbeats who have caused severe damages and left owing large sums of money to unsuspecting Landlords, so Tulsa REIA created the Oklahoma Deadbeat Tenant List which is now a part of the Oklahoma We have created for Oklahoma Landlords to be able to search for and list Deadbeat Renters and Professional Tenants who prey on Oklahoma Landlords. We make it easy for other landlords in Oklahoma to add deadbeat tenants and search the list when pre-screening prospective tenants. The list will only be as good as those who add deadbeats to it so help spread the word to all Oklahoma Landlords.

The Oklahoma Deadbeat Tenant List is designed to make it easy for Landlords to report information on Tenants. Whether the information is positive or negative, it can be a source of reference for Landlords in Oklahoma. We can inform Tenants from the start that we search the Oklahoma Deadbeat Tenant List and also add Deadbeat Tenants to it. The fact is, Tenants are more careful with payments that will reflect on their record. As a Landlord, you are now in a position to give the Tenant another incentive to prioritize the rent and have it paid before the tenant's other bills.

flipper classifiedsWe created for Real Estate Investors to list "Investor to Investor" properties so they can be flipped to other Investors. We moved the flipper classifieds to a facebook group you must must have a facebook account to post properties.

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