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    Maybe someone can help me. I have rented a room to someone. They brought just a few things over at time of move in. Paid the rent. And now they have not been back since May 2nd 2017. What is considered abandonment under the Oklahoma Landlord Tenant Laws?

    • You may have solved your problem already but here are a few things to determine if the house has been abandoned:
      They have moved out, mainly the furniture. Tenants always leave stuff behind so you have to use your best judgment when some stuff is still there. Take lots of pictures and keep anything of value for at least 30 days in case they come back, unless you have done a full eviction. You can usually skip going to court when they abandoned the rental unit but you could be liable for trashing (or selling) what you think they left behind. They may have been in the process of moving out and not finished yet.
      The utilities have been turned off. If the utilities are off, its a good sign they are/have moved out.
      Now to your unique situation, you said they paid rent, so they may just be slow to moving in and the landlord shouldn’t worry until rent is due again. You can try to contact the tenant via phone, text, and email. The landlord tenant act is pretty short so I would read it, it under the documents tab of this section Scroll up /\ or here is a link