Some people are self starters who can take action and get things done, but they need some assistance on analyzing deals, communicating with Sellers, and making offers that are good deals and not a lemon. One on One Mentoring is what you need. After you talk to a Seller, call your mentor to go over the deal. After you look at a House, call your mentor to explain the situation and get help to determine multiple offers. No matter the deal, Sellers, Buyers, or Tenants, a Mentor who has "been there and done that" can assist you so you can avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes.

Tulsa REIA has teamed up with Arrived Consulting LLC to provide "one-on-one" mentoring which can inlcude join venturing on actual deals.

There are only a handful of spots available for people who have had some training and want to have a "One on One" mentor to take their investing to the next level.

The mentoring program offers:

  • A Step By Step "Take Action" Training Manual by the Mentor
  • A Business Action Plan for Real Estate Investing
  • A Marketing Action Plan
  • Monthly Group Conference call
  • Private Online Forum for 24/7 feedback and Q&A
  • Deal Analysis
  • Help in constructing offers

Plus with a Mentor you get

  • Initial 1 hour consultation in person (Tulsa OK)
  • Daily phone support (up to 1 hour per week)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Joint Ventures available on Actual Deals
  • Tulsa REIA Membership for 12 months
  • Tuition to Training Sessions presented by Jason Windholz
  • 75% off of the cost of Annual Mastermind Retreat

Since 1996, Jason has been investing in real estate and his experience includes houses, mobile homes, and some commercial properties with his speciality being single family houses. The methods he uses include buying for cash via traditional loans, hard money loans, private lenders, IRA funding, owner financing and lease purchases and options. He has sold homes for cash, owner financing, and lease options. He has preformed major rehabs where homes have been gutted out to the 2x4s, complete rewiring, completely replacing all the plumbing (supply and drain) removing walls, adding new walls, repaired foundations, roofs, and everything in between. He has been in strong seller's markets and strong buyer's markets. The paper side of the business is also a part of his knowledge including buying and selling owner financed notes and he has had to preform foreclosures and evictions and dealt with Tenants who file bankruptcy.

When you consider all that is offered plus with decades of experience, choosing a good mentoring program is a lot easier.  The cost for mentoring is:

One on One Mentoring $4,997.00 Click Here To Purchase One on One Mentoring

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