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Here are some of the resources that our members actually use on a regular basis for all aspects of a real estate investing business, from managing rentals, notes & mortgages as well as running an office using accounting, editing documents, photos, websites, back ups, and more.

NOTE: Premium Annual Member's ONLY resources and benefits are located in the Premium Member Group

Bonus and Forms for Registered Members are located in the Registered Members Groups


Hard Money Loans: Great Plains Funding Based out of Kansas but Lends in Oklahoma, just opened to the Tulsa Market after lending for awhile in OKC and Lawton.


Property Management Software:

RenTec - Easy to use Property Management Software - Limited version Free for up to 5 units. Online access from Browser.

Buildium - Complete Property Management Software - Free 14 day Trial. Online access from Browser.

Notes & Mortgages:

Note Servicing Software: Money Lender Professional This is a great program for servicing notes and mortgages. Only works with Microsoft Windows OS

Financial Calculator: Here is a link with the 5 functions used for figuring out monthly payments on notes and mortgages and also if you want to figure your balance at a certain time in the future, the yield if you buy a note, or to figure out flexibility by modifying the interest rate, term, payment or balance of a loan. This is the closest thing to an actual financial calculator online. The rest only have 1 or 2 options but this one gives you full flexibility to calculate for any one of the five options.

Amortization Schedule: You can enter the terms of a note and it will calculate an amortization schedule. Then you can copy it and paste it into a Word document so that you can print it out.

Rate Spread Calculator: Calculate the rate spread of a new loan to comply with and stay within boundaries set by Dodd Frank Act

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB: The Bureau of the Federal Government that administers the Dodd Frank Act

Handouts from Events:

Running The Numbers Here is a link for a copy of the Running The Numbers form listing all the expenses of buying and selling real estate. Rehabbers and wholesalers can make sure to not leave out any expenses when calculating how much to pay for a property.

Here is the handout from the Main Meeting on using Oklahoma contracts.


Backup, Sync, Sharing: Dropbox (Sync between Computers such as desktop and laptop, or home and work computers) Has a Free Version

Free open source software:

These are great software packages that are perosnally used  by Jason Windholz, President of Tulsa REIA, since 2012.

Accounting Software: GNUcash is a great alternative for Quickbooks and covers everything a small business owner and real estate investor needs for bookkeeping and staying on top of your finances.

Photo Editing: Gimp (close alternative to Photoshop)

Office: LibreOffice: By The Document Foundation, a Charitable Foundation in Germany (alternative to Microsoft Office, can open/save stuff in Microsoft formats Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc...)

Websites - Building and Maintaining:

Web Page Editing (wysiwyg) Blue Griffon (alternative to dreamweaver)

Web Page Editing (coding) Blue Fish (alternative to notepad)

FTP (upload websites to server online) Filezilla


Google Chrome (alternative to Internet Explorer) faster and less problems

Mozilla Firefox (alternative to Internet Explorer) faster and less problems

Operating System: 

Linux Mint - Fast and flexible Operating System with special tweaks for people familiar with Microsoft's Windows OS (Based on Ubuntu)

Ubuntu - Fast and flexible Operating System for everyone but designed to be familiar with Apple's Mac OSX

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  1. Jason,

    I attended the may meeting when you went over contracts. Is the contract doc available to download or print here. I am not yet a member.



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